Marine Rescue Technologies Ltd (MRT) has been manufacturing and supplying man overboard safety systems to vessels and other marine facilities in the offshore oil and gas, defence, commercial marine and renewable industries worldwide for the past 40 years.

We continue to develop and extensively field test Personal Locator Beacons (PLB’s) in order to meet new regulatory and technological developments within the industry.

MRT is a responsible manufacturer and with the continued development of new products and technologies it is our mantra to put the safety of the man in the water at the forefront of all our decisions.

The new sMRT Products include the latest technologies to meet current and future regulations. sMRT Products include additional AIS technology that form a comprehensive solution to ensure full integration of all the equipment that give the wearer the best chance of survival if an incident were to occur. This sMRT integrated solution, along with a fully integrated SOLAS Lifejacket will greatly assist in the fast recovery of MOB casualties, enabling swift self-recovery by the casualties own crew.  In the case of either a man over board incident from a platform, support vessel, helicopter ditching or rig abandonment, incoming Search and Rescue assets will be alerted with direct, accurate position data to locate multiple survivors in the water. As time in the water is directly related to any casualties chances of survival, rapid recovery is critical.




We research, develop, manufacture, supply, install and service world-leading man overboard technology to maximise the safety of every person operating offshore or on inland waterways through our automated alerting and tracking solutions thereby increasing the probability of survival and rescue.


• We lead the industry with innovation and passion to constantly improve safety.

• We set the highest standards for our products and the partners we engage with for our customers needs. 

• We work with regulators to keep the focus on saving lives.

• Our customers trust and depend on us as the worldwide experts and utilise our solutions to protect lives at sea for total safety. 

• We are the market leader.  Our products, people and passion for saving lives separate us from our competitors.

• We save countless lives. 


• Undetected and lost man overboard incidents are no longer a reality for people in marine environments. 

• We have shifted the paradigm with regards to safety at sea.

• Our staff are a team that believe we all make a difference, we have integrity, passion and professionalism. 

• We have a common bond that places greater emphasis on saving lives.

• Our shareholders respect us, our competitors look up to us and countless families thank us.