Fibrelight Emegency Ladder

Fibrelight Emegency Ladder
Fibrelight Emegency Ladder

The Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is constructed using carbon fibre rods enclosed in flanged tubular webbing. When the webbing tubes are fitted and sewn at right angles between the double thickness pockets of a second webbing, an incredibly strong structure is created. In this way the rod is fully supported within the vertical members of the ladder.

The ladder has undergone the ISO 799 strength test meaning successive rungs were loaded to over 900 kg and sustained for one minute without failure. The ladder construction has also been tested and approved for thermal ageing, weathering, UV light, oil resistance and practical performance.

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Why choose the FIBRELIGHT Self Recovery Ladder?

  • Strong & durable
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Can be operated by a single person - the ladder can be rolled out and ready for use in less than a minute
  • Can be loaded in both directions • standard width of 600mm
  • Produced in lengths of 2 to 30 m
  • Contains no metal parts - suitable for deployment on vessels and platforms with fire risks
  • Double rung

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