MRT Sponsors Renewable UK Aviation Event

MRT Sponsors Renewable UK Aviation Event blog article image

Following on from the introductory seminar hosted on April 29th, this one day event was be led by the Head of Aviation, Dujon Goncalves-Collins, and aims to raise awareness of the offshore aviation related issues for offshore renewables projects.

Benefiting from the decades of experience earned by the UK's leading renewable energy trade association, delegates gained a full and comprehensive understanding of the issues surrounding offshore aviation, with a keen focus on helicopters in the UK and beyond to the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and the wider North Sea.

The seminar focused on: 

  • The lessons and recommendations from the renewables, oil & gas and aviation industries relating to offshore operations in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), and beyond
  • The importance of positive communications between stakeholders to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and safety, as well as reduce both risk and cost from the planning and consenting through to constriction and operations phases
  • Related Regulations, Policy and Guidance from stakeholders
  • Perspectives from and for the turbine OEMs
  • Lessons from current and proposed offshore aviation operations in the UKCS, and the North Sea
  • O&M, H&S and Risk Management Considerations
  • Consenting and beyond



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