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sMRT Station

The sMRT Station is a portable tracking device specifically designed for Fast Response Craft (FRC’s). Built in a robust and waterproof case, this pick up and go tracking solution uses VHF DSC and AIS with an additional option of a 121.5MHz direction finder.

When the sMRT Station receives the DSC and AIS positions from one of the sMRT Personal Locator Beacons, it displays them on the AIS chart plotter giving a visual representation of the man overboard (MOB).

Why choose a sMRT Station?
  • No need to set up - just grab and go
  • Gives a visual position in seconds of your man overboard (MOB)
  • Allows you to communicate with your parent vessel and other rescue forces nearby to give your crew member the greatest chance of survival.
  • Tracks an unlimited number of alerting units, so you can find and save multiple crew members
  • Robust, waterproof and safe to use in all weather conditions
  • Multiple antenna options available

Designed to be utilized with the sMRT Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) range

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