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sMRT SOS Dan Buoy

Ready to go Man Overboard Rescue with AIS.

The newly released sMRT SOS Dan Buoy is a compact, self-contained device, specifically designed to make rescue and recovery of a man overboard incident a simple and reliable operation. There is no need to set or activate the sMRT SOS Dan Buoy – it’s ready to go, just throw it into the water towards the person over board. 

Within seconds of immersion it inflates, stands 2.0 meters above the water line and the internationally approved sMRT V100 Locator Beacon (PLB) automatically transmits GPS coordinates to your chart plotter via AIS. Additionally an alarm will immediately be sent to your VHF DSC radio so your captain will be alerted to the MOB incident.

The sMRT SOS Dan Buoy has a highly visible strobe light for night rescue ensuring that any MOB victim is assured of the best chance of survival, irrespective of the conditions. Webbing loops allow the person to put their arms around the buoy to help support them when fatigued. This gives extra support and security while awaiting rescue and the unit is highly visible from 1,700 meters and can be tracked by AIS up to 150 miles away.

The sMRT SOS Dan Buoy is provided in a bespoke, all-weather case which can be mounted anywhere on your vessel or Platform.

Why choose the sMRT SOS Dan Buoy?
  • Compact and Light weight
  • Stands 2.0 meters above the water line and is highly visible from 1,700 meters
  • Activates automatically on immersion in water
  • Indicates GPS position in less than 45 seconds
  • Updates GPS position via AIS every minute
  • Tracks multiple targets simultaneously
  • Webbing  support loops
  • Enables every vessel nearby to become a SAR asset
  • Works with existing VHF DSC and AIS equipment
  • 150 mile transmission range with worldwide satellite coverage     

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