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Ursuit RDS WE


  • Material: Gore-Tex®
  • Plastic front zipper
  • Thigh pockets both sides
  • Two chest pockets with zipper and velcro tape. Left pocket is equipped with whistle, lace, buddy-line and small carabine hook. 
  • Sleeve pockets with intgrated 5-finger neoprene gloves
  • Wind hood with splash cover 
  • Many reflective tapes
  • Socks
  • Vertical elastic bands at the both sides of the suit keeps the trouser part up preventing their falling down
  • Knee and back reinforcements made of black cordura
  • Neck and wrist seals: smooth neoprene 
  • Includes separate 3mm neoprene hood
  • Includes repair patches
  • Includes carrying / storage back


  • CE certificate
  • SOLAS (MED) approval

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