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Sea Marshall AU9-HT

Within 2 - 5 seconds of immersion in water, the Sea Marshall AU9-HT sends a distress signal on 121.5MHz which is then tracked using a sMRT SARfinder base unit. 

Why choose the Sea Marshall AU9-HT?
  • Approved for in-flight use
  • Extensively used by HT operators worldwide
  • Lightweight and easily integrates in to flight approved life jackets
  • 2 second auto-activation via immersion in water or manual operation
  • Minimum of 12 hours emergency transmission on 121.5 MHz - International Search and Rescue frequency
  • LED light on antenna for visual tracking
  • Automatic low battery indicator
  • Test function to check signal transmission and battery power
  • 2 second auto-activation or manual operation
  • 40-second activation override from OFF
  • Test function to check signal transmission and battery power


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*Dependent on weather conditions, quality and height of receiving antenna.

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AIS 121.5MHz VHF DSC IECEx / Atex Approved Flight Approved Automatic Activation Sea Range Air Range LED/Strobe Self Test Function
No Yes No No Yes Yes 3 Miles* 75 Miles* Yes Yes

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