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Sea Marshall AU9-WF

Within 2 - 5 seconds of immersion in water, the Sea Marshall AU9-WF sends a distress signal on 121.5MHz which is then tracked using a sMRT SARfinder base unit.

The Sea Marshall AU9X works in seconds, sending an emergency alert and tracking on 121.5 MHz, after automatic or manual activation.  All nearby vessels will receive the alert and be able to track, using their SARFinder 121.MHz homing signal, to quickly locate and track the man overboard (MOB) casualty.

Why choose the Sea Marshall AU9-WF?
  • Lightweight and easily integrates in to a life jacket
  • 2 second auto-activation via immersion in water or manual operation
  • Minimum of 12 hours emergency transmission on 121.5 MHz - International Search and Rescue frequency
  • LED light on antenna for visual tracking
  • Automatic low battery indicator
  • Test function to check signal transmission and battery power
  • Available in Flight Approved Helicopter Transfer (HT) model
  • Available in ATEX zone 2 model
  • Annual recertification ensures optimum performance

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*Dependent on weather conditions, quality and height of receiving antenna.

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AIS 121.5MHz VHF DSC IECEx / Atex Approved Flight Approved Automatic Activation Sea Range Air Range LED/Strobe Self Test Function
No Yes No No No Yes 7 Miles* 75 Miles* Yes Yes

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