As a result of a joint venture with Royal Radar Establishment and Farnborough in 1975 a completely novel design of a prototype personal beacon was supplied to GBII Joint Services entry in the Financial Times Clipper race to Australia.

One of the first customers, Kenneth Kerr, was rescued in Mid-Atlantic 700 miles off New Foundland following a capsizing where he activated his Sea Marshall beacon which was picked up by Concorde flying to New York which gave the alarm subsequently located by a C130 dispatched from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who diverted a cargo ship to rescue the grateful Kenneth.

The first commercially manufactured personal locator beacon was launched at the London Boat Show January 1979.

After numerous awards over the coming years the company eventually expanded and reformed the family business to be incorporated as Marine Rescue Technologies Ltd in 2001. Within ten years the Sea Marshall beacons were being carried on most oil and gas platforms, fishing vessels and Coast Guards as part of the standard safety equipment. The brand became a global leader.

By 2008 there were over 32,000 PLB8 units in operational use within the Oil and Gas and Commercial Fishing sectors alone.

In 2011 Marine Rescue Technologies Ltd joined forces with Australian Company Mobilarm Ltd and have expanded to become one of the world’s leading brands in the rapidly growing man-overboard product category providing a number of distinct leading-edge solutions for safety at sea.